Another Crazy Day

Another Crazy Day

Today (Friday), Ethan continued to test his medical team.  Given his x-rays showed no improvement overnight they recommended another surgery.  The objective was to free Ethan's obstructed bowel.


At 2:45pm, Ethan headed in the OR.  The great surgeons at CCHMC uncovered the issues right away and after 30 minutes Ethan's procedure was complete.  We now are hoping for a fast and easy recovery. The goals for discharge are clear.  Ethan needs to demonstrate the abiltiy to take feeds and hydration through his GJ Tube.  As we have learned this will be done on Ethan Time.


The last 24 hours are a bit of a fog.  We are appreciative this evening for Ethan's skilled medical team, our family, friends and Team Ethan.  Everyone has once again rallied to support Ethan, Elyse, Zakary and ourselves.

Looking forward to replenishing our strength through some rest.

Shabbat Shalom,


Alexia and Scott





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16 Comments on "Another Crazy Day"

  • Mark S. Anshan Toronto says

    Prayers and thoughts are with Ethan and you.  Mark


  • Caryn Williams says

    What wonderful news! You all have been blessed with such good care at Children's in Cincinnati – it's just remarkable!! Please take time for some much needed rest now!!

    With love, prayers, and support,

    Caryn Williams

  • Karen Kaplan says

    Thinking of your family and glad Ethan's surgery went well.  Hope he has a smooth recovery and is home again soon.

    Karen Kaplan & family



  • Betsy Singer-Lefton says

    So glad there were no surprises with Ethan's procedure. That's always a positive thing. Many wishes for Shabbat peace and healing to Ethan. Happy to see Zak enjoying NFTY Shabbat at Wise yesterday. The strength of group prayer gives so much strength.  

  • Linda & Ronn says

    Alexia and Scott – we are thinking of your whole family and sending healing thoughts.  We hope for another speedy recovery.  It's so wonderful how well he has been doing at school and responding to interaction.  He looks so different than the last time I saw him.  

    Love, Linda & Ronn

  • Miriam Lichstein says

    We are thinking about you Kadish family and will say a mishberach in Chicago tomorrow for Ethan's quick recovery from surgery. 

  • Diana Scott Shields says

    So glad the surgery went smoothly. Wishing all of you rest and recovery over the weekend. Good vibes to all of you. 

  • Kim Hicks and family says

    Our family will be praying for all of you and his medical team.  Thanks for keeping the updates coming.  

    With Love,

    the hicks family

  • Sari Sichel says

    So pleased that the first part went well…

    Have a good weekend.  My prayers are with you.

  • Kathy E, MI says

    My prayers are with Ethan and your family for a easy and quick recovery from this surgery. Blessings and good rest for continued strength, courage and perseverance for Ethan and for you all, but especially for his fast and smooth recovery.

  • Adele Black says

    Wishing Ethan and you a quiet Shabbos and a Refuah Shleimah.

    With prayers and love from NJ,


  • Margaret & Ron Hamilton says

    May God bless you with “Strength for today and Bright Hope for tomorrow”. We think of you often, and keep you in our prayers.

    Love, Margaret & Ron

  • Inga & Henry says

    We will think of you all tonight during Shabbat services.  We hope this will be an end to the many difficult trials you have experienced, and things will run smoothly as time passes.


    Inga and Henry

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    Geez!  I am late to the party. I only just found out he was back in the hospital.  

    Sorry to to hear that surgey was necessary… but 30 minutes sounds like it was probably a big success!

    Now to get the GJ tube working well again so you can all go back home!  This time hopefully for a lot longer than your 9 week record.   

    Keeping you all in our thoughts,

    Adrienne, Ian, Maia & Quinn

  • Victoria Fieman says

    I think of you and Ethan often. How brave you are. My God give you strength to continue this formidable journey. 

  • Barbara and Art says

    Dear Alexia, Scott and family,

    Our prayers and hopes are with you during this latest challenge

    for Ethan.  

    Love,  Bobbi and Art


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