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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?


Not a bad phrase to embrace. Rather than calculating each move, each thought, each plan, perhaps I need to do more of this “living by the seat of my pants.”

Right before leaving for Seattle last month, my older brother David, asked if I could consider coming out to California as a surprise for our dad’s birthday toward the end of April. He helped me plan this and, with our sister Suzanne having also recently been back in the hospital herself, this sounded great from a perspective of “a positive shot in the arm of family love!”

Then Ethan landed back in the hospital. That was a game-changer; I was not going to travel outside of the home-hospital radius while Ethan’s path was so unclear. Scott, however, (as well as some very convincing friends) had different thoughts. He pointed to how many days remained before I had to decide, and how it could truly be a last minute decision. As the week progressed and the time leading up to departure drew near, he also noted how much Ethan had improved and the fact that he still had not required surgery. I remained skeptical and at first conceded to only packing a bag and reserving my right to change my mind up until the day I was set to leave (Thursday afternoon). Have I mentioned what a mensch I have for a husband?! Love that guy!

Once again, there were so many logistics to arrange. Who would stay with Ethan in the hospital while Scott was at work? Who would watch over Elyse? Who would … (fill in the blank)? As I pondered all of these questions, the song from The Clash “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?” was playing on a loop in my head. As it turned out, these logistics were once again arranged and taken off my plate and plans were put in place.

With Ethan's continued improvement and Scott's words of, "We've got this!" my decision was made; I was going to Seize the Day and go for it! This turned out to be a remarkable choice and my time in Redondo Beach was spent surrounded by love. As a bonus, this weekend was also the Confirmation of my niece Colleen. Attending the Sunday Mass (a first for me!) was particularly moving and enriching in giving me insight into her commitment to her faith.

With gratitude in my heart to so many people, I will return to Cincinnati tomorrow.

May we all find ways to Carpe Diem,


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7 Comments on "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?"

  • Natasha Abraham says

    So happy to hear you came out to be with your Dad and family! You have an amazing hubby and home team to support you! We hope it was a wonderful reunion – Wish we could've seen you and given you a hug…Abrahams Alexia Abrahams sandwich style!!! Sending love to you – Natasha

  • mary brown says

    Beautiful story!! Let go and let God!

  • Adrienne Davidson says


    I am VERY happy to hear that you were able to go on this trip!!! It sounds like it was the best medicine.  *big hugs*


  • Kelli Watts says

    So glad you chose to go Leck. It probably felt so good to be with Suzanne and David, your dad and mom. I hope you had a wonderful time.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Mark S. Anshan says

    So pleased to hear you were with your father and family.  Scott was right to encourage you.  You are both unbelievable role models.  Thinking of you and Ethan.  From Israel back in Toronto end of week.  Prayers and love.

  • Susan B says

    Yay for flying by the seat of your pants and flying west!  Your husband sounds like an awesome ally.  I read an article that said the three little words that women really love most to hear from their man are "I've got this" as he does something supportive and loving!  The wind beneath your very capable wings :) Xoxo Susan

  • Helen Dennis says

    HI Alexia. What a wise decision.

    A visit of love — that you so consistently send to your global friends.  Ethan remains in my nightly prayers. With much love  to you and the family.  Helen

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