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Last night during Ethan’s evening home PT exercises he broke his left humerus bone. Definitely not humorous. Ethan’s left upper arm (elbow to shoulder) is in a temporary splint for the next five days until he is seen again by the orthopedist to receive his cast. The discussion around the house is what color the cast should be. Elyse votes for purple/pink and Zak says orange/black.

This is not the break we were hoping for.   Kadish, Ethan - arm splint 9-15-2015 9-58-48 PM

Everything with Ethan has just gotten harder…not that it was easy before, but with his left arm/shoulder now immobilized; moving him and finding comfortable positions has become much more challenging.  The start at his new school is now delayed and we have enlisted the help of close friends to bridge the time between Ethan’s daytime nurse leaving and Scott coming home from work.

Please continue to keep Ethan in your prayers. Add him to your healing/prayer Mi Shebeirach lists – his Hebrew name is Eytan Chaim.

We will keep Team Ethan updated as we learn more….

Scott and Alexia



Kadish, Ethan - Seahawks Cast 10-8-2015 9-51-40 AMGo Seahawks!

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15 Comments on "NOT FUNNY!!"

  • Sophia Abraham says

    I vote for purple and pink! I'm so sorry to hear this. It's definitely not funny, but I hope that Ethan is still doing well and that his progress has not been slowed too much.

    Hugs and kisses from California.

    Sophia Abraham


  • Susan Bernardo says

    Oh no!  Sending Ethan love and gentle healing hugs.  I had a broken scaphoid/ wristbone about 10 years ago and was able to sport three different colors over 13 weeks of wearing casts – pink, green and purple…I hope Ethan's humerus knits back together quickly and with just one cast!  Do they make rainbow casts?  xoxo


  • Eva freed says

     Dear friends,

    Sending you wishes for  Shannah Tova and G'mar Hatima Tova Refuah Shlema to Ethan and a year of progress towards healing. My partner and I keep Ethan and you in our prayers every week and all week. Wishing you health and strengths         


    Eva and family 

  • Sherrie Singer says

    Ethan and your family will continue to be in our prayers. Sending you love and continued strength. You are such an inspiration!  Shana Tova!

  • Helen Dennis says

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Ethan. I state his name in every service I attend.  Let's hope G-d is listening.  Wishing you continued strength. My love and caring to you and Ethan.  

  • Michal says

    So sorry to hear. May this year bring you only besorot to it and refuah shelema to Ethan. 

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    Not a good way to start the new year. I hope he gets his cast on soon and feels relief from any and all pain!  

    As always, he is in our prayers for a complete recovery. Hugs to you all. And for the record, I vote orange and black! 


  • Jane Snell Copes says

    Thinking of you!  So sorry for this setback, but you will all shine through it.  Best new year anyway!

  • Laurie Weinstein says

    We will add Ethan to our Mi Shebeirach list! The health of all of you weighs in my heart and my hopes are for all the family to find shalom and shaleim.

  • Sandy says

    Who named our bones anyway!?  So sorry for this!  Praying!!

  • Jen says

    Sending good wishes for a year that brings more peace, real humor, joy, and love….

  • Stacy Friedman says

    You are all in my prayers –  a refuah shleimah.  

  • Taffy hoffman says

    Man oh man, you just don't need any more!!!

  • Sari Sichel says

    Sending lots of hugs, may you all get through this one day at a time!!!!,

  • Ali Reich says

    Sending wishes for good health and easier days ahead for Ethan in the new year.

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