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A Huge Breakthrough


We are ecstatic to share this video update of Ethan, showing signs of understanding and communication. This is a game-changer, as it will open up more avenues of engaging with the world around him. Who knows where he will go from here?

Thank you to Team Ethan for your constant love and support. A more detailed update on Ethan is in the works; this latest development trumps anything I was writing!
Much love and strength,
Alexia and Scott

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63 Comments on "A Huge Breakthrough"

  • Justin Abraham says

    I know this is my second comment, but whatever. (  ͡ °  ͜ ʖ   ͡° ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great job Ethan!!!!!

  • Bob and Janet says

    This confirms the belief that miracles do happen.  Where there's life, there's hope. We are thrilled to see Ethan's progress. Love to him, the family, and we share your excitement. Love, Janet and Bob  

  • Ryan Abraham says

    Thank you SO MUCH for the update!!! I am so proud of him!!! I'm looking forward to seeing Ethan improve even more!!!!!

  • Justin Abraham says

    WOW!!!!! This is awesome!!!!!!!! Great job Ethan!!!!! Great improvement!  ;) ;)

  • Sherrie Singer says

    Best update ever! Keep up with the amazing strides Ethan!! We're all on your team rooting for you!!! Sending love and Mazel!

  • Stefan Eckert says

    Great, GREAT, GREAT news!   Mazel Tov to the entire Kadish Family!  I'm putting money in the tzedakah box!

  • Benjamin Greg & Julie Meyers says

    Wow!  Ethan keep going. You can do it!

    The Meyers Family



  • Darryl Dick says

    Beyond Fabulous!!!  :)  XO

  • William and Barbara Brody says

    Ethan,  Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov, MazelTov, ( BLINK, BLINK, BLINK )!!!!!! You're proving the family Theorem,   H Makes M,  M wins G!!!!!!      Much Proud and Much Love. Grumpy + Barbara

  • Neill White says

    Hard not to get teary eyed when watching.  Go Scott, go Alexia, go Zak, go Elyse.  Go Ethan.

  • Ilene Raynes and family says

    Been following Ethan's story since the beginning (fellow GUCI family). I started crying when I watched this. I am so excited for the doors this will open up for you. Keep working, Ethan! Such great progress!!!

  • Sari Sichel says

    So fantastic.  I had Tears of joy watching the video.  You all must be so happy.  Hugs to the entire group.

  • Brian and Shena Jaffee says

    Wow!!! Amazing Ethan!!! And thanks so much for posting, Scott and Alexia – what a watershed moment! So proud of all of you. To continued success! Love, Brian and Shena

  • Wendy Rosen says

    Just incredible. So happy for Ethan an for your family. Amazing.

  • Sophia Abraham says

    I am absolutely so so so THRILLED at this news. My dad told me there was an update and I was so so so excited when he played the video for me. I almost cried, I was so happy! I have been looking back at the past few years and I have seen Ethan progress so much. Looking at the very first Ethan update on this site, it is incredible to see how your definition of improvement changes. Back in 2013, improvement was breathing without help. Ethan has grown so much and I think he will continue to. Keep up the good work!


    Sophia XOXO



  • Natasha Abraham says

    This is SO AWESOME!!! We were so excited to watch him respond like that! Incredible growth and determination. It is so wonderful to see this happening!!! We are overjoyed for you and Ethan. Therapy and love is a beautiful thing!!! Those butterflies that I had when I met you all…the feeling as if everything was going in the right direction…I'm having that now!!!

    Lots of love, Natasha


  • Linda malman says

    Sending hugs full of joy and excitement for you. Love from Denver. Sara's sister. 

  • michal stein says

    Great news. It is amazing.

  • Jessica Goldman says

    Thrilling! Brought me to tears!

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    I literally had tears of joy while watching this. I can't even begin to express how happy I am for you.  

  • Adele says

    Ethan you're awesome!! I love your smile and your most gorgeous eyes!! Keep up the great progress!!

  • Stefi &Gary Zola says

    What a wonderful breakthrough! Keep up that beautiful smile Ethan!



  • Heather Stein Russell says

    Oh thank you SO MUCH for sharing this news! Ethan has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyelashes:)

  • Jane Snell Copes says

    Fabulous news!

  • Debi Varland says

    This is wonderful! What an amazing smile! So much joy in those eyes. I want Ethan to know what a gift he is to Team Ethan. Thanks for the update and wonderful news. Love, The Varlands 

  • Michelle Forrest says

    Abosultely Positively Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Cohen says

    Yes yes yes!! Such wonderful and exciting news!! Go Ethan!! Congrats to you guys!! 

  • Bill Weinstein says

    Ethan has struggled for almost 3 years to say, "I'm here; I hear you; I'm trying to break through."  But today didn't just happen.  Ethan has worked his butt off in therapy, and that's because all you guys have been giving to Ethan Kadish at  Now there's a whole new level of hope: this is the time to crank it up.  

  • Kelli Watts says

    Yay…so happy for you all! Such wonderful news.

    Love to all,

  • Julie Weiler says

    Laini and I were just talking about him today and wondering how was doing.  (We must of had a sense of something going on!)  Couldn't be more thrilled for this wonderful breakthrough!!!! Congrats to you all!!!!!

  • Nancy Roberts says

    OH MY GOSH, THIS IS INCREDIBLE, A TRUE MIRACLE!!!!! THANKS BE TO GOD! Will you please ask Ethan if he knows that there are hundreds and hundreds of people loving and praying for him?  There better be a lot of blinking in response to this!!! Sharing in your joy :) Woo hoo!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Woosley says

    This is so beautiful.  Ethan, keep working! We're all praying for this to be the beginning of more and more progress.  Love to all.  

  • Carla Mast says

    Wow, his smile says it all!! What fantastic news!

  • Eileen Brinn says

    Ethan. Keep up the good work

  • Jen Goldenberg says

    Isn't that wonderful!  Keep working, Ethan!!!

  • Ali Reich says

    Amazing to see.  So happy for you all!!!!

  • Reesa Rosenthal says

    So awesome to see this progress!!! Keep it up Ethan!!! :-)

  • Maggie & Carl says

    Wonderful to see Ethan interact!  We are thrilled for Ethan and all of you!

  • Amy Rothchild says

    This is so wonderful!!! We are so excited for all of you!

    Love, Amy and Steven Rothchild


  • Michael and Bridget Katchman says


    This is awesome news!

    So glad and happy for Ethan and his progress!!

    Michael and Bridget Katchman



  • Laura Silver says

    What great news!!!  I'm thrilled that you are getting new signs of hope. My prayers remain with all of you. 

  • To everyone who has contributed to Ethan Kadish at ( You've helped Ethan to this moment when a whole new world of HOPE has opened up. IT'S WORKING….we have to keep it going!  8th Night for Ethan is coming up on December 13th. Let's make it incredible.



  • Chris Jordan says

    WOW Ethan…….so proud of you!

  • Miriam Karp says

    So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you all, can't wait to see what's next!


  • Lee Vander Pluym says

    Praise God and your patience and love.  I'm so happy for you all!  Lee

  • Marnie Hayutin says

    So wonderful! Thank you for posting a video so we can enjoy it with you. Much love to you all!

  • The Ziegelman's says

    A true miracle!!!  Congratulations Ethan. 

  • Susan Bernardo says

    This is so wonderful!  Yay, Team Ethan!!!  xoxo Susan

  • Lisa Tager says

    I'm so happy to see this! It made my day!

  • Stacy says

    Omg!!!!! This is awesome!!!! Yay!!! Xoxoxoxo

  • Elyse jarard says

    Wow!!! So amazing!!!! I knew this day would come! I'm so excited for all of you. Keep pressing on!!!

  • Deborah Gonzalez says

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Athena Will says

    Magnificent!!!  Prayers continue from Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. 

  • Jami Archiable says


  • Eve Dyson says

    That is magnificent! What an amazing family you are.

  • Stacy and Bruce Friedman says

    This is remarkable!!!  Thank you so much for sharing — we will continue with our prayers for you all!

  • Jason Stele says

    That’s so wonderful and so inspiring.
    -The Stele Family

  • Karen Kaplan says

    So happy to hear of Ethan's progress!  That is great news – hope it continues!!


  • Aunty Zan says

    yayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!  :-)

  • Amy Wolff says

    I am so happy to watch this video. I have tears in my eyes! Go Ethan!


  • Jeanette Holliday says

    That was amazing!! Go Ethan!! So happy for all of you!! Prayers continue!!!

  • Beth Sherr says

    This is so wonderful and we are thrilled for Ethan and all of you! We pray for continued progress and positive results. 

  • Rebecca Goldwasser says

    That is so amazing. I am so excited for Ethan and your entire family . Rebecca

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