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Ethan Update – Groundhog Day

Ethan Update – Groundhog Day

Surgery Again!


Ethan's condition did not improve during the day on Monday. His surgery team grew more concerned as the day went on without showing signs of improvement. So, at 6:45 PM, Monday Night, Ethan headed to the OR for his fourth abdominal surgery. 


During the exploratory procedure, Ethan's surgeon found and corrected the obstruction. This obstruction was different from all the others and Ethan is now recovering in the PICU. 


We are very thankful for Ethan's very skilled Medical Team – they ROCK!


Ethan is now going to need rest and time to recover and begin nutrition and feeds again. 


As much as we are trying to take a "conquer all" approach, we are quickly realizing our limitations and will be reaching out soon for help in many different areas. 


We will keep Team Ethan updated on Ethan's progress. 


Moving forward with strength,


Alexia and Scott



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20 Comments on "Ethan Update – Groundhog Day"

  • Paolino Family says

    You all have been through so much and continue to be in our family's daily thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for updating everyone.   Thinking of you….  

  • Stefi &Gary Zola says

    We are thinking of you and hope that Ethan will be back home soon. 

  • heather and randy russell says

    . We r very near u in loveland. U r always in our prayers.. praying for strength and healing

  • Maria Horner says

    Thinking about all of you even though I'm not good about staying in touch!  So sorry you are going through this ordeal, but I'm glad Ethan is through the surgery now.  Wishing Ethan a speedy recovery and wishing you and the rest of the family strength as you help him go through the recovery process.  

  • Reesa Rosenthal says

    I too do not personally know you but I am a parent of a former GUCI camper and counselor so I feel as though I know you as we are all connected. You guys are amazing and I will keep praying for Ethan!! Please let me know what your needs are when you decide. If I can help in any way it would be an honor!! G-d Bless and Be Strong, Let Us Strengthen One Another!!

  • Michael Katchman and Family says

    Prayers are with you guys!!!

  • Kathy & Alan Ehrlich says

    We are so thankful that the surgery went well, and we now pray for a smooth & full recovery.   Our thanks for keeping us updated, and as always we are here if you need any assistance.                         Love, Kathy & Alan


  • Jamie Gunn says

    Dear heavens, you guys have been through so much and keep going and keep moving ahead in faith at that. That is so huge.  I am filled with hope and so much love for your family whenever I read your journals. I wish I could hand you a sunball of light that would magically lighten the load. While we don't know each other, personally / in person, you bring so much to my family – perspetive, the desire to give, true hope, what family really means, authentic honesty, tons of love, etc., etc.  I know it's not easy to reach out, but if I can do anything to help, please let me know. It would be an honor to meet you guys and help in your journey.  Sending love.  Jamie

  • Jane Snell Copes says

    How fragile and how complicated our bodies are.  What deep, deep wells of courage and strength you are tapping.  Our arms are around you.

  • Shena says

    We're thinking about you all. Sending much love and prayers for a speedy recovery from the surgery. 

  • Stacey Farber says

    The hardest job ever is being a good parent. All that you've done before and all that you will do going forward (whatever it shall be) will be in the best interest of your children, because you are good parents. Sending you strength.

  • Laura and Sam Lobar says

    We are so sorry to hear of your latest troubles.  Our thoughts are with your family and our hearts go out to you.  Thank you for keeping us posted.  We wish you all the best as Ethan recovers from this latest surgery.  We are here for you… Love the Lobars


  • Cathy Durbin says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all for hopes of a quick and full recovery.

  • Maggie and Carl says

    Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.  Hoping that Ethan recovers quickly and can be home soon.  Hang in there and let us know what we can do to help.

  • Wendy Rosen says

    Sending you all much love, hugs and strength. 

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    Lots of love to you all. I hope that Ethan is comfortable and healing well. See you soon.  *big hugs*

  • Shelley funk says

    Stay strong Ethan our prayers are with you!

  • Heather Tanner says

    Sending our thoughts and prayers!! 

  • Sari Sichel says

    Lots of prayers go out to Ethan and all of you……

    Stay strong ……bless you all.

  • Ginger Kroncke says

    Sending prayers for healing for Ethsn and strength for you both. Ethan has been through so much but he is a fighter and we believe in him

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