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Ethan Update – Shabbat Shalom – Day 4 post-surgery

Ethan Update – Shabbat Shalom – Day 4 post-surgery

Ethan Update – Shabbat Shalom – Day 4 post-surgery


Remember a year ago when there was a debate over some dress going around the internet? Was it white/gold or was it black/blue? Not wanting to re-hash that here, yet this photo reminded me of that. Whether it was a scientific phenomenon or simply individual perception, who knows and who cares? This photo has given me a chance to perceive things in a different way. I am enjoying our “room with a view,” which offers plenty of natural light and a “rock garden!” Rock garden, you might be wondering, are you nuts? I realize it’s a stretch, and I am choosing to frame what I’m seeing in a different light, therefore, yes, it’s a rock garden, and a beautiful one at that! I can’t tell you how many admissions we’ve had where the only sight from the window is a view to the other side of the building, where I can spend the entire day not knowing what the weather is, or what the sky looks like. Who knows how this has played into the often-seen confusion of days/nights for Ethan. All I can say is the room we are in is tremendous and brings me such peace of mind.

Moving on to Ethan…he is in his fourth day post-surgery and recovering in the expected ways. Days one and two were spent in the PICU and the pain was minimal, as he was still coming off of the anesthesia. By mid-day Wednesday we were transferred from the PICU to the surgical recovery floor. Also on days two-three, we were reminded of just how much this surgery hurts Ethan! Realizing this is the fourth major insult to Ethan’s abdominal region (I could get graphic, but I won’t), we have learned what pain meds reach him the best and how to deliver them in a way that keeps us ahead of the pain, rather than chasing it down when it’s spiraling out of control. Today has been great so far, from a pain standpoint. Ethan has been up in his wheelchair for most of the day, which is so good for his respiratory health, resting comfortably and peacefully, and not needing the pain medications with the same frequency. His surgical team is pleased with his progress and we head into the weekend with positive thoughts for continued rest and recovery.


Shabbat Shalom,

Alexia and Scott

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14 Comments on "Ethan Update – Shabbat Shalom – Day 4 post-surgery"

  • Linda Kean says

    Hi Alexia,

    Thinking of you and your family and sending healing thoughts.

    Love, Linda


  • Sheila Wagner~Lipsky says

    Wonderful symbolism in that your family has moved mountains to keep dear Ethan healthy and happy. Know so many keep you all in our prayers and are here for you oooxx

  • Carla Mast says

    Alexia, you have a gift with words and a beautiful insight on life. You should consider writing a book to share Ethan's story with the world. May Ethan continue to heal and inspire those around him wit his shining spirit.  xoxoxo

  • Stefi &Gary Zola says

    Glad to hear Ethan is once again back on the road to recovery and more comfort.

    Shabbat Shalom,

    Stefi and Gary

  • The Katchman Family says

    Shabbat Shalom. Prayers for a return to home soon.

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    I love rocks. Each one is its own little universe.  I'm sorry to hear that Ethan had been in so much pain… but it seems HOPEFULLY that the worst is behind him. Thinking of you all and Alexia, I'll see you this Wednesday.  

  • Mark S. Anshan says

    Hope Ethan has a comfortable weekend and that both of you can get some much needed rest.  


  • Stacy says

    shabbat shalom xoxo

  • Stacey Caplan says

    We're so glad to learn that Ethan is on the mend! The plus side of having undergone 3 previous similar surgeries is knowing what works for Ethan post surgery. May he continue to feel better every day!

  • Susan Bernardo says

    Rocks rock.  I find great comfort in looking at them and holding them in my hand (like a worry or a touchstone).  Wishing you and Ethan grace and ease and a pain-free recovery.  Love and light – xo Susan

  • Stella Leontsini says

    So glad to read all this my Alexia and that Ethan is comfortable.  I am getting ready for Shabbat services and you are always in my prayers.  May Ethan progress and in the right time to go home where he belongs.

    Shabbat Shalom to all and a kiss to my Ethan from his Yiayia with much love!

  • Glenn Bochner says

    Alexia, Scott, and Family,

    May the arrival of Shabbat bring special blessings of peace, hope, health, happiness, and relaxation for you and your entire family. 

    Shabbat Shalom,


  • Bill says

    Knowing that Ethan is feeling comfortable is Shabbat peace to me.  I'll pray that that tenacious little bugger is back home and laughing well ahead of schedule.

  • Ginger Kroncke says

    Thank you for sharing such good news from your view of the rock garden. So glad and thankful for Ethan and the peace it gives yo you as parents. God bless

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