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Dear Team Ethan,


Nothing is normal anymore. Nothing seems to come natural or easy. We are tired. It has become very difficult to post updates on Ethan. Please know that all of your support is appreciated – your prayers, your love and your contributions to Help Hope Live.


It has been a long time since we have posted as we try to stay positive and forward thinking, however, the past three weeks have been incredibly difficult for our family and for Ethan.


Ethan has been in the hospital three times over the past three weeks. Each admission has been for unrelated reasons. But each admission is a challenge. The day or night begins with 4-6 hours of assessments in the Emergency Department followed by hours of settling into his new room within the hospital. Managing the discomfort is always a priority, but not always achievable. This current admission is due to severe pain and discomfort and managing the pain is more challenging than ever.


Ethan's Medical Team is working to identify the source of his pain. Until more information is known, Ethan is receiving several different pain medications to keep him comfortable.


Please send Ethan strength and prayers (Reminder: his Hebrew name is Eitan Chaim ben Elisheva v'Shmuel).


Chazak – Stay Strong,

Alexia and Scott

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24 Comments on "UPDATE"

  • Susan Bernardo says

    Sending love and prayers of love, light, comfort and strength. xoxo 

  • Mary Jayne Wint says

    i pray for you and your amazing family every night and will continue to do so.  Praying that God's healing and mercy will bring comfort to Ethan and to all of you.  Stay strong and keep your amazing faith.

  • Adrienne Davidson says

    Pain pain go away, come again another… no wait… scratch that last part. Just go AWAY!!  Keeping Ethan in our prayers… always. We hope that the source is his pain is found very soon and that it is easily treatable. Chazak chazak v'nitchazek!



    • Stacy Covitz says

      Sending so much love and praying for speedy recovery for Ethan. XO

  • The Raynes Family says

     We are a fellow GUCI family and although we have never met you are in my thoughts more than you know. I think about your family often and so wish things were easier for you and for Ethan. 

  • Linda Kean says

    Sending love, hope, strength, hugs, and healing energy. Linda, Ronn, Kean & Rose


  • Bill says

    Anything, any time, any where, any reason. In the meantime, praying for a break in the clouds, yearning that you both get some rest and respite. 

  • Becky Brehob says

    Thinking of you all and the great challenges you are facing – praying for some pain relief and comfort for Ethan and the Kadish family. Hugs. 

  • Barbara Block says

    I am so sorry to hear this latest news.  Praying for better days ahead!

  • Michal R Stein Boroschek says

    We are praying and thinking about you all time. We cant even imagine what are you going through. Our love from Israel. Micky, Michal Yvual and Yoni

  • Cindy Gollomp says

    We are so sad and sorry for your challenging weeks!  Ethan and all of the Kadish family will be in our prayers!  Much Love and strength to each of you! Xoxo

  • Kelly Griebel Wright says

    Ethan and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all.  Sending much love and many hugs, Alexia.  Kelly

  • Scott Ross says

    We are so sorry to hear of these latest health issues. Hoping the doctors and nurses can diagnose the cause(s) quickly and provide the treatment he needs. Love and strength to all of you!

  • Kim says

    Kadish family!  

    The Hicks family continues to pray for all of you!  I have Ethan's "team Ethan" baseball jersey hanging in my closet and each time I see it I pray for him.  It feels small to do that but God hears and He is always listening!  May Gods peace surround you all and may He comfort Ethan!  God's arms around you!

  • Greg & Julie Meyers says

    You are always in our thougths and prays.  You guys are absolutly amazing. 

    Stay Strong,

    Greg & Julie Meyers

  • Jane Snell Copes says

    My heart hurts with yours.  When I was at a very low ebb, I encountered the phrase "well within." We are all well within, no matter what shows on the outside.  Be well.  Jane

  • The Varlands says

    Thank you for your post and letting us know of this very difficult time especially this week. I'm so sorry to hear and will be sending our most positive energy and prayer for Ethan and your family.  - Debi, joel, and kids 

  • Dan Jones says

    Thanks for posting. I am very sorry to hear about the difficult time Ethan and the family has been having. Thinking and praying for you.


  • Shena and Brian says

    Alexia and Scott, Thank you for posting. We are so sorry to hear how difficult this week has been and continues to be. Our hearts are with you and Ethan. Sending prayers for strength and comfort. With love, Shena & Brian

  • Fay May says

    Saying Mesheberach twice a day and praying for you too with love 

  • Cindy Muscatel says

    Thank you for the update. Our prayers are with you. 

  • Patrice Staloch says

    Ethan….you are in our thoughts and prayers…..we know you through your amazing Grandma, Susie……we think of you and your family often and hope that your pain lessens:…I have never met you but by your pictures I see the sweet man that you are.  Peace and healing thoughts to you sweet Ethan. 

  • Brad, Connors e, Noah, Ethan and Lilly says

    Ethan and the entire Kadish family are in our thoughts and prayers. 

  • Caryl says

    Sending strong prayers for all.  Ethan doesn't have super powers HE IS SUPER POWERS!  Stay strong.

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